Forced Marriage & HBV

Forced Marriage & HBV
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Forced Marriage & HBV

Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence
Understanding the Issue and Supporting Individuals

What is it about?

Aim – The purpose of the training is to give participants understanding of the issue of Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence, knowledge of how to identify potential victims, and confidence and cultural sensitivity to effectively support them with the appropriate skills and understanding.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Learn the definition of and increase their awareness of issues around Forced marriages and Honour based violence
  • Get up to date legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures on forced and arranged marriages
  • Be able to identify victims of Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence, and understand the difference between Forced and Arranged Marriages
  • Understand the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding children ,young people and adults facing these issues
  • Have increased capacity to effectively support FM/HBV victims through a culturally sensitive and multi-agency approach

Who is it for?

This training provides crucial up-to-date information and understanding for anyone working directly or indirectly with children, young people and adults from ethnic minority backgrounds. It is suitable for front line practitioners and line managers, and is especially relevant for teachers, social care and health professionals working in a multicultural setting

Why should you attend?

This course enhances practitioner awareness and confidence in dealing with the extremely sensitive topic of forced marriages and honour based violence. It also provides learners with up-to-date policies and legislation to ensure they are effectively supporting and safeguarding individuals according to UK law. The course also offers the opportunity to understand the diverse cultural values and attitudes that impose the honour codes and its impact on victims. It will also empower and provide practitioners with useful tools to identify potential victims as well as to better assist sufferers fleeing this issue through a culturally sensitive and multi-agency approach.

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