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Engaging with Ethnic Minority

Engaging with Ethnic Minority Young People

What is it about?

Aim– The purpose of the training is to give participants greater confidence, understanding and skills for effectively engaging with and supporting ethnic minority young people in Wales, taking into consideration key patterns such as economic factors, cultural factors and different types of immigration including asylum, economic migrant and established minority communities.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Be informed about the different types and patterns of migration, and the differences – economic, social, linguistic and cultural – affecting ethnic minority young people in Wales
  • Understand what a culturally sensitive approach is in working with ethnic minority young people.
  • Be able to consider the different cultural definitions and indicators of youth disengagement
  • Understand the importance of Culture and Faith perspective in dealing with issues faced by ethnic minority young people.
  • Gain empathy around issues of cultural conflict and identity for young ethnic minority people living in Wales
  • Gain confidence and understand best practice in providing appropriate support for young ethnic minority people.
Who is it for?

This training is suitable for front-line workers, practitioners and service managers who are working directly or indirectly with young people and wish to enhance their understanding of cultural issues and diversity and how this specifically affects young people. It will highlight issues and identify appropriate support approaches for delivering services for young people from diverse backgrounds.

Why should you attend?

This very practical course is intended to help people who provide a service to young ethnic minority people, either directly or indirectly. This course will highlight issues faced by young people from diverse ethnic, cultural and migrant backgrounds and how to address them in a culturally sensitive manner. It will highlight the cultural pressures young people face and the appropriate support required to assist them in overcoming barriers and reaching their full potential. Practitioners will gain confidence in what can be a sensitive topic, and will learn experientially from engaging real-life examples to equip them with long lasting skills and understanding.

For booking and costs, please contact info@eyst.org.uk

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