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Challenging Racism

Challenging Racism

Challenging Racism and Far-Right Extremism

What is it about?

Aim – The purpose of the training is to give participants greater understanding of the growing phenomenon of racism and far-right extremism, and specific knowledge and skills to be able to counter common myths and misinformation relating to asylum, diversity, Islam and immigration. The training is based on the innovative approach developed through the EYST Think Project, and will share effective methodologies for working with young people in particular to challenge and change negative views.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand key terms including Asylum, Economic Migrant, Immigrant and Refugee, and the differences between these
  • Explore and clarify misconceptions around Islam, Terrorism and Extremism
  • Understand and explore different forms of Extremism including Far-Right
  • Consider the growth and impact of Racism and negative attitudes towards diversity.
  • Learn effective ways of engaging with and discussing young people’s views on these topics
  • Learn practical strategies for dealing with negative stereotypes and discriminatory views
  • Have increased confidence in talking about these issues in an informed way
Who is it for?

This training is suitable for front-line youth workers, teachers, social workers or anyone working with young people in a range of settings. It offers practical advice and examples to anyone living in a diverse community setting, who is conscious of increasingly negative views towards racial diversity and wishes to find an effective way of challenging this. It is useful for anyone who wants to promote equality, tolerance and harmony and work to eliminate discrimination, but lacks the specific knowledge to counter misinformation. It is particularly useful for those working with young people within Wales.

Why should you attend?

This course offers a unique opportunity to directly engage with some of the of most controversial and sensitive issues of our day, giving participants the specific knowledge and confidence to debate these issues in an informed way, and to positively challenge and change the views of young people. The training is delivered by staff who have been successfully delivering this kind of work for several years across Wales, and bring with them a wealth of experience and tips to share. The course is delivered in an interactive, experiential and engaging style which will ensure knowledge is retained.

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