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What is it?

Funded by Welsh Government through the Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant, Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST Wales) are pleased to announce our new exciting BME CYP Project to support children aged 0 to 25 and their families who have additional or multiple needs. Basically, anyone in need of additional help or support.

This project had the unique experience of starting during the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown restrictions. In this challenging context, the team have worked exceptionally hard to establish an effective working structure and deliver services at pace to children and young people in Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham.

As we now clearly understand, the Coronavirus has exposed long-standing and entrenched inequalities and has made day to day life far harder for those who were already the most disadvantaged. The acute needs of the children and young people reached by this project has really underlined the importance of the project and the urgency of supporting them, sometimes with basic needs such as food, clothing, welfare benefits and digital access for home schooling.

We have engaged with 320 children and young people cross Wales, volume of work undertaken by the team supported through over 3000 support sessions. The way in which they have been supported includes sourcing and delivering food parcels, providing laptops, sports equipment and arts and crafts, cooking challenges, organising online quizzes, Nursing Cadet Scheme, and facilitating young people’s participation in various consultations and workshop.

The project workers have engaged with a wide range of partner organisations, drawing in resources widely to direct to them to meet the needs of BME Children and young people in Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham, and working closely with them to increase their cultural understanding and accessibly of their services.

CYP Team sit on various stakeholder meeting to voice young people concern and contribute toward better policy in Wales for BME CYP.

Our team are able to support young people and their families with:

Welfare benefits

Education/Home schooling




Social Care

Online activity

Food parcel

Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Digital inclusion

Crisis support


Meet the Team 

Rizwan Ahmed

CYP   Rizwan

Jalal Goni

CYP   Jalal

Lee Tiratira

CYP   Lee


Fateha - Project/Cardiff lead, Tel: 07909931149 or email

Rizwan - Cardiff lead, Tel: 07368330091 or email

Jalal - Newport lead, Tel: 07939494761 or email

Fatiha - Newport lead, Tel: 07541557726 or email

Lee - Wrexham lead, Tel: 07596027225 or email

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