Tatiana at EYST Youth Drop-in

Tatiana at EYST Youth Drop-in
30 March

Tatiana at EYST Youth Drop-in

About me:

I’m Tatiana, I’m 17 and live in Wrexham. I currently attend college doing Health and Social Care.


How I got involved with EYST youth work:

I got involved with EYST a few years ago after hearing about it from my mum’s friend. I also had a few friends who attended the drop-ins.


My favourite things so far:

My favourite thing so far is that it helps me with my anxiety as I can struggle with talking to people, but coming here helps work through it. It also helps me be calm with my words while talking to more people.


My aspirations:

My aspiration is to become a Psychologist and then study Medicine. My main goal is to become a doctor.



EYST is a really good place and I love coming here. Covid made me feel down and more anxious but since coming to the EYST youth drop-ins, it’s helped me feel calmer.

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