Introduction to the All Wales Engagement team & Upcoming Forum

Introduction to the All Wales Engagement team & Upcoming Forum
07 February

Introduction to the All Wales Engagement team & Upcoming Forum

Hello everyone, allow us to introduce ourselves in our first blog of the year. The EYST All Wales BAME Engagement Team comprises of Selima, Hasminder, Adam, and Judy. Off the back of our previous forums on Gentrification, Education, Employment, and Healthcare, EYST’s All Wales BAME Engagement Team presents our next forum on Universal Basic Income on Wednesday 16th February, 10am-12pm.

What are the All Wales BAME Engagement Teams Forums?

Our forums involve the team and guest speakers sharing information and their personal thoughts on the topic, alongside our participants. These forums are spaces designed for engaging with the people of Wales, albeit virtually, and to allow the thoughts and concerns of the BAME population to be shared freely and safely. With this in mind, we invite you all to attend the forum and share your views and experiences. Participants’ contributions are anonymous, and we use these contributions to put together briefings to send to relevant parties and stakeholders within Wales to effect change in policy and practice.

EYST UBI forum poster   FINAL v2

What is Universal Basic Income?

So, what is UBI? Allow Jamie Cook, head of RSA Scotland, to explain: “Basic income is regular and secure payments directly to every individual within a country, which comes from the state, and I think it has to have certain core elements to it – it is universal, it is unconditional, and it is regular, secure and direct.” [1]

So, no matter your salary or wealth, a set amount of money would be given to every citizen in Wales monthly. The idea is to provide enough that there would be less reliance on means-tested benefits, and everyone would have economic security.

So, why cover UBI?

Wales is set to run a pilot scheme of UBI for 3 years, focusing on those leaving care. 250 care leavers will be involved, as per the BBC [2]. With this change happening, what is the wider community’s view on UBI? How will this benefit the people of Wales.

In a situation where the UK faces a cost-of-living crisis, worry over rising bills, food prices, rent and other living costs is rife. Through this, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are suffering. Black youth unemployment is over 40%, and half of Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children live in poverty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, BAME workers bore the brunt of layoffs, they were less likely to be furloughed, and more likely to be in insecure jobs. These factors leave us in a situation where these communities are in economic and social deficit. 

Is UBI the answer to solve these issues? Will a government guaranteed payment benefit the BAME communities of Wales, and will it help to eradicate the social and economic disparity between BAME communities and other citizens?


We can’t wait to see everyone there; our findings and briefings are only as good as what we learn from our participants. It is for this reason that we invite all in Wales to attend and learn more about UBI, what it would mean for Wales to have UBI implemented, and to share your thoughts and insights into the UBI trial, and maybe the implementation of UBI for all Welsh citizens in the future. See you all on Wednesday 16th February, 10am-12pm.

Future Forums

We also hope to see you all at our Wednesday 9th March 10am-12pm forum for a discussion surrounding Race, News, and Media Representation and on Wednesday 30th March for a joint forum with Plan International, focusing on how we can support and better the lives of BAME girls in Wales.

That’s all from us! Until next time, All Wales BAME Engagement Team.

[1] Universal Basic Income, explained | WIRED UK.

[2] What is a universal basic income? What are the Welsh plans? - BBC News 

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