EYST Wales statement on the situation in Afghanistan

EYST Wales statement on the situation in Afghanistan
27 August

EYST Wales statement on the situation in Afghanistan

We are deeply concerned about the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. We know that many of members of our community in Wales have friends and family in Afghanistan and have been personally affected by this political and humanitarian tragedy. We are proud to be working with Local Authorities in Swansea and Carmarthenshire to support Afghani families settle in Wales. However, despite the clear challenges, we urge the UK and Welsh Government to do much more to offer as many people as we can safety, sanctuary and hope by offering safe routes to the UK.

As the crisis unfolds, we are truly heartened to receive many generous offers from individuals across Wales offering donations to the asylum and refugee community in Wales. We are not currently receiving clothes or toiletries but there are other ways you can support.

This is how YOU can help.

Donate to support our wider asylum and refugee support work


We support many sanctuary seekers including families, who often face crisis, homelessness and destitution. Your donation could support asylum seekers and refugees who are facing financial hardship to access essentials such as food, clothing, baby basics etc.  http://bit.ly/donateEYST


Volunteering opportunities

EYST currently offers two volunteering opportunities for those who wish to support asylum seekers and refugees with their time:

  • Homework club tutor – You could give up one or two hours a week to tutor ethnic minority young people, mainly aged 10-18, supporting them with subjects such as English, Maths and Science. The homework club currently takes place via Zoom. http://eyst.org.uk/project.php?s=online-homework-club 
  • Interpreter – If you speak additional community-based languages, you could give up a few hours of your time each week to EYST’s asylum seeker and refugee advice service. The role includes supporting the EYST team, asylum seekers and refugees to deliver appropriate support that is understood. This role is currently available via phone and video call.

Contact lucy@eyst.org.uk for more information if you have any spare time or skills to support asylum seekers and refugees in Swansea. 


Beyond EYST Wales


EYST isn’t the only charitable organisation that supports asylum seekers and refugees settling in Wales. Please consider supporting these other amazing organisations if possible:

  • African Community Centre (ACC) provides a range of services to asylum seekers, refugees, and ethnic minority individuals in Swansea. They deliver a free, volunteer-led transport service for asylum seekers to attend important reporting centres, hospital appointments and college to improve English. https://africancommunitycentre.org.uk/  

Welsh Government commitment to refugees


Welsh Government has committed to becoming a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ providing a place of safety and welcome for all those fleeing from danger and persecution. More information can be found here: https://gov.wales/helping-people-seeking-sanctuary-wales


Get in touch


We hope this information is useful to you in some way and appreciate your support. If you would like to get in touch about any alternative ways of supporting our work please contact Jami supportus@eyst.org.uk.


Thank you

Diolch Yn Fawr

Rocio Cifuentes

EYST Chief Executive

Grateful acknowledgement of our funders & supporters