BME Invest: Sakinah Case Study

BME Invest: Sakinah Case Study
14 May

BME Invest: Sakinah Case Study

A bit about myself

I started my journey by volunteering two years ago for the Welsh Refugee Council. As I was helping with the client referral process, my desire to be part of an organisation grew, leading to me to seek for a paid placement with EYST: my first paid job in the UK! I was a case worker for the Welsh Refugee Council, dealing with refugees (not asylum seekers). I supported them from the day they got their status, whatever their status may be, and helped them settle in; this may be by supporting them with the council, Universal Credit, school, language barriers or finding a GP.

How did the placement benefit you? 

I've grown professionally by being more aware of how to deal with reporting and supporting the cases, really thinking about the work you've done and can do, the service you can provide by really listening to the client's needs. All of this has helped me grow personally.

I share EYST's goals: to help BME communities in this country to be more involved and valued as active, participating citizens.

I've become more patient. This has come from allowing the clients to explain their situation and from me being the figure to represent and support them. I try to facilitate a complicated system. I always try to put myself in the client's place to get the best result.


How was your work challenged by Covid?

When the first lockdown was imposed I was a volunteer. It was challenging because we didn't know how to contact people or inform them of the different Covid restrictions as we couldn't work at the office. All communications were moved online, which turned out to be a positive thing in some respects. We learnt to actively communicate more with them through the phone and online. This led us to become more present in the client's journey and see things from their perspective in order to work on their behalf.

Why work with EYST?

This was my first paid job in the UK and I've gained experience that has helped me with finding a job as a carer. EYST is a good place to work: they really try to adapt to your way of working to benefit all parties involved. I feel I know them from the inside and feel part of the team. My line manager's positive energy and kindness was essential for a good day at work. I felt supported by a helpful team that constantly valued my work.

It's great to see EYST supporting BME people across Wales!

Grateful acknowledgement of our funders & supporters