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The EYST Tuck Shop Project sponsor four young people from different continents around the world using the profits generated from the EYST Tuck Shop. EYST sends £60 each month via the charity Action Aid to sponsor four children from four different countries – Haiti, Ethiopia, Brazil and Pakistan.



The idea originated from the clients of EYST – young ethnic minorities aged 11-25, after a discussion on the topic of children and young people around the world within the EYST Youth Drop In Centre. The young people got together and decided to sponsor these young people via one of the many charitable organisations undertaking such work.


After the idea was suggested, the EYST Project Worker Luthfur Ullah got in touch with Action Aid and invited them to do a presentation to the EYST young people to explain to them how child sponsorship works. The young people were very excited, and it was agreed to sponsor four children from around the world sending each one £15 which would go towards supporting their studies, health, and so on.


The EYST clients and workers have prepared a display board which is displayed in the Youth Centre publicising the project and reminding the young people about where their money is going and why.

The project is still going on, with more and more people finding out about the project and wanting to contribute to it.


The young people involved in the project have said:

“It feels really good to help other young people in the world, especially those who haven’t got as much as we have”. “It’s a good reminder”




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