When angels cry ...

When angels cry ...
27 April

When angels cry ...

All of us have heard about the Mediterranean tragedy, about all those people who are putting their life at the stake every day in order to reach a dream, Europe.

Spaniards, Italians, Greeks know very well this tragedy, news about bodies on the sea, people disappeared, image of borders in collapse are common in these countries. However, it seems that Human rights get blurred, lose strength, become echoes of a melody played far away, in another world, and there is not, or there is little space left in our news to speak about it.

Helena Maleno is one of the few people who have made of this tragedy a personal challenge, and with her small charity 'Caminando Fronteras' has spent the last few years saving lives in the Mediterranean. It is not an easy job, not just because of the technical and logistical difficulties, due to European Union and European governments' lack of commitment to tackle this situation.

In fact, her work, as the work of other charities and activists, is really uncomfortable for our governments and our security forces because it is highlighting their lack of commitment with Human Rights and International law.

As a result of this situation, Spanish police took her to court accused of human trafficking, but the judge found her innocent and emphasised that her work is humanitarian and exemplary. However, this unfair case did not stop there. It seems that Spanish police passed her file to Moroccan prosecutors and now she is facing charges that could take her to prison for the rest of her life. But even if that is not enough to enrage you, just let me tell you that this is not an isolated case. Right now, three Spanish firefighters are facing accusations of trafficking, that could see them face 10 years prison, because of their humanitarian help in the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos.

For all that, it is time to raise our voices for the ones without voice and for those who bet their own security and well-being to do what is our duty as community and human beings. In South America it is said that when the righteous suffer the angels cry and only a great cry of solidarity can stop their crying, so let's make the Angels' crying stop. It is in our hands.

Gonzalo Silvestre, EYST Family Support Worker 

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