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EYST presents new Annual Report 2011-12


2011-12 has been another very busy year for EYST with many of our more established projects coming to an end, including the Positive Street Project, Volunteering Project, and Engage Project. 


However, as we look back on the year, we can reflect on all that we have learnt and all that has been achieved through these projects. Overall, this year has brought a realisation that we cannot continue to support ethnic minority young people without also broadening our focus and looking at the bigger picture, of their homes, their families and their peer groups around them.  


So, through our work in schools, while we continued to support BME young people with their individual issues, we also made sure we engaged with non-BME young people and delivered relevant awareness sessions to whole class groups so that they could get more positive information about the different races and religious groups living in Swansea…. 


Through the My Space project we have reached out to other groups in the community, enabling the EYST centre to be used by diverse groups from young people with disabilities, to refugee and asylum groups, and a dads’ support group. 


The volunteering project also inspired many young people to think not only about the needs of people in their local community, but across the globe. This work continues and we have consolidated our support through a regular donation to four young people
across the globe in Haiti, Ethiopia, Brazil and Pakistan, via the Action Aid charity. 


And through the Positive Street Project, while we retained our focus on working with young Muslims, we could also see that it was not only young Muslims who needed help in staying away from extremism. 

So, as many of these projects become a part of the EYST journey, we can see many new openings and opportunities ahead. 


Just before Xmas 2011, we received the happy news that our application to the Big Lottery Innovation Fund had been successful to deliver the Think Project, challenging racism and far-right extremism in young people in Swansea. This project started in April 2012 and has been very successful to date.. but more on this in next year’s annual report!  


We also had news of a successful application to Children in Need to deliver the Bridging Cultures, Strengthening Families project, a project aiming to bridge the cultural, linguistic and generational gap between children of immigrant families and their parents….


For now, we would like to thank all of EYST’s hardworking staff, volunteers and management committee, and the many organisations and funders who support us, without which we could not do all that we do. 


Rocio Cifuentes & Momena Ali

EYST Director & Chair


To download copy of the Annual Report 2011-12
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