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Chips, Curry and Cappuccino Project

The Chips, Curry and Cappuccino project was a year-long Heritage Lottery Funded project that aimed to engage young people with the heritage sector; investigating diverse foods in Swansea and their origins.

Nineteen young people aged 14-24 were involved with the project, collecting research through oral and video interviews, archiving and desk top research. The young people focused on the BangladeshiChineseItalian and Middle Eastern communities in Swansea to learn more about diverse cultures recipes, traditions and migratory histories that have made Swansea the multicultural city that it is today! In partnership with the National Waterfront Museum the young people involved were trained to conduct interviews, make films and use oral history equipment to capture and document important stories of Swansea’s past and present.

The research from the project was included in a 30 minute film representing each community and their stories of settling in Swansea. This film was featured in the Chips, Curry and Cappuccino project exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum that ran between 2nd April 2016 – 30th May 2016; an exhibition designed and installed by the young people themselves to reflect diverse cultures and their similarities within the context of Swansea. A Chips, Curry and Cappuccino teaching pack was also produced to enable primary schools to teach diversity, culture and heritage to KS2 pupils. This teaching pack has been produced and sent out to all primary schools in Swansea. Electronic copies are now available on our website.

The Chips, Curry and Cappuccino research is now available at the West Glamorgan Archives at the Civic Centre and on the People’s Collection Wales website. If you have any questions about the project and its material please contact Jami via email jami@eyst.org.uk

To download the Teaching pack please click here

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