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Bridging Cultures, Strengthening Families Project

The Bridging Cultures, Strengthening Families Project began in August 2012, funded by Children in Need. It aims to work with young BME people up to the age of 18, and help them to overcome the cultural, linguistic, and generational gap which exists between them and their parents.

We do this by providing mentoring, support, counselling, and family mediation to young people and their families who are experiencing cultural conflict. We also provide regular whole-family activities and events to prevent the breakdown of communication between children and parents and to keep families strong.


From August 2012 to March 2013:

  • we worked with 9 families and 15 young people in need of support.
  • We also provided many intergenerational events including a family trip to watch the Swans football team!
  • 74% of young people supported experienced reduced cultural conflict after 6 months,
  • as did 57% of parents.


Some of the comments from participants include:

“EYST has helped us to stay together as a family”

“My family understand me better now, and EYST are there to explain anything to my parents”

“We talk about things in the house now, before we never talked about anything”

This is a challenging, but important area of work. We look forward to continuing to develop this project over the coming two years, building on the lessons we are learning ourselves, and sharing this with our partners and funders.


To find out more about this project or to make a referral to it, please contact:

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