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Asylum Seeker
& Refugee Support project

The Asylum Seeker and Refugee Support Project is a pilot project funded by Lloyds Foundation. It began in April 2014 to support and to advise asylum seeker and refugees experiencing a range of different issues.

Between April and February the project received 1608 overall visits from asylum seekers and refugees and successfully supported many asylum seekers through to refugee status over this period. Following the huge volume of users of this service, EYST recognised the need to work in partnership with the Welsh Refugee Council to deliver the service on set days of the week, as well as the regular drop in service, to serve a higher proportion of the asylum seeker and refugee community.

In January 2015 EYST began its Asylum Seeker and Refugee Support Hub in EYST’s drop in centre. It runs every Tuesday and Friday between 10 am and 1pm with a staff member from EYST and the Welsh Refugee Council accompanied by a team of volunteers. This team of staff and volunteers successfully address diverse issues that are faced by asylum seekers and refugees.

The services on offer are:

  • Advice, Guidance and Support for Asylum Seekers
  • Case work support for Refugees
  • Volunteers to offer interpretation, job-search support, advice and guidance.
  • Access to Computers for Job-search, Benefits Registration, etc.
  • External Agencies as appropriate

To find out more about this project, or to make a referral,
please contact Aliya Khalil: Aliya@eyst.org.uk










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