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The Need for EYST

Ethnic minority young people face many of the same problems faced by all young people in the UK today: Child Poverty, Educational Underachievement, Unemployment, Poor Housing, Substance Misuse, Youth Offending, Crime, and Lack of Family Support. However, for ethnic minority young people, there is an added dimension of having a different race, faith, language or culture, or all four, which makes it harder for them and their families to get help when they need it. 


Imagine you or your parents moving abroad and trying to get help for a medical problem, a mental health problem, a family problem, a problem with the law? Service providers cannot always cater for and sometimes do not understand these different needs, and this is where EYST aims to step in: acting as a bridge between young BME people/ their families and the services which they need and are entitled to. We do this on a practical one-to-one level, and also by working strategically to try to influence the planning and commissioning of services to make them more responsive to young BME people’s diverse needs.


There is a wealth of research which supports this approach. For some examples, follow the links below:


Additionally, EYST plays a key role in promoting Community Cohesion and increased Integration between different sections of the community…  We believe in providing a service which is targeted at ethnic minority young people, but which also welcomes and actively involves other sections of the community including ‘white’ young people, disabled young people, as well as families, children, and the wider local community.


For research into the role of community organisations in promoting community cohesion, see:


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